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20 Million Dollar Stolen Diamond Appears

In 2007 there was a 16 carat yellow diamond that was stolen in London from Graff Diamonds. A few days ago that diamond was turned into a Hong Kong Pawn shop, who gave it to the Gemological Institute of America for certification. At this point it was discovered that the 20 million dollar diamond had been reported stolen in 2007. The diamond is now being held by the Gemological Institute of America till it is negotiated who will be the rightful owner.

The diamond was stolen by two men who appeared to be high profile shoppers in the London branch of Graff Diamonds. These men pretended to be shopping by having conversations with the staff and searching around the shop before pulling out guns and robbing the store. The men robbed the store of a variety of diamonds and used a Bentley as a getaway car.

Now the problem is, who does the diamond actually belong to? At first it was said that Graff Diamonds was the true owner and it was to be given back immediately. Later, the Hong Kong based jewelry shop asked for the Manhattan State Supreme Court to hold the diamond until the true owner was determined. The Hong Kong pawn shop owner was arguing because he bought the diamond with documentation for 3 million Hong Kong dollars.

At this point it is unsure how long it will take until the Manhattan State Supreme Court decides who the rightful owner of the diamond is. It is also not the first time that a heist like this has occurred at the London branch of Graff Diamonds. However, in most of the heists the robbers have been captured and sentenced to time in prison. After this story is completed will this be the last heist from the London branch Graff Diamonds or not? It remains to be seen.