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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

Your eyes settle on an enthralling gemstone known as a diamond. It’s luster, shine, and energy are undeniable. You already know that it is one of the most sought after gemstones in the world, but the diamond has a mysterious and always exciting story. In celebration of April’s birthstone, here are some interesting facts about diamonds… We bet you don’t know all of them!

Diamond Core of Stars

  1. Diamonds Exist in Space
    • White dwarf stars have diamond cores that weigh much more than the Earth. When a medium sized star uses up it’s atomic fuel, it collapses in on itself and it’s carbon center is compressed by extreme pressures, creating a diamond core.
  2. Engagement Rings Didn’t Always Include Diamonds

    • The engagement ring has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Roman women wore engagement rings on the middle finger of their left hands because they believed the blood from this finger flowed directly to the heart. However, these rings were made out of metals or even string, and rarely included gemstones. The tradition of giving diamondengagement rings began when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Until the 20th century, the gift of a diamond ring was reserved only for royalty and the elite.
  3. The 1947 DeBeers Marketing Campaign Was One of the Largest Contributors to the Popularity of Diamond Engagement Rings
    • The diamond mining and distribution company, DeBeers, ran a marketing campaign in the 1940’s and 1950’s that revolved around the phrase, “diamonds are forever”. This campaign was wildly successful and helped to cement the belief that a diamond is the standard gemstone to present during a proposal. The slogan was used for the title of a 1971 James Bond film starring Sean Connery.
  4. Diamond Mines

  5. More Than 250 Tons of Ore Must be Mined in Order to Produce a One-Carat, Gem-Quality Stone

    • Think your diamond was lying under a rock on the side of the road? Think again. Shocking amounts of rock and ore must be demolished and cleared away in order to find just one gem quality stone. In fact, only 20% of diamonds found are of gem quality.
  6. Ancients Believed the Diamond to Be Everything From Splinter of Fallen Stars to Tears of the Gods
    • The amazing qualities of the diamond led ancients to believe them to be otherworldly or divine. They were thought to increase sexual prowess and attraction, and were even used as battle talismans. The famous Greek philosopher, Plato, believed that diamonds were living beings with their own spirit. The ancient Romans thought them to be shards of fallen stars due to their brilliance and shine.
  7. Diamonds Were First Mined in India
    • Until the 18th century, diamonds were only mined in India. Since then, diamonds have been mined in Australia, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Russia, Brazil, Canada and the United States. Africa currently produce the largest share of diamonds of any continent, at over 50% while Australia is the country with the highest individual output.
  8. The Diamond is Not the Hardest Substance on Earth
    • Many believe the diamond to be the hardest natural substance on earth. This is untrue. A few rare substances, including wurtzite boron nitride can endure more stress than a diamond. This substance is so rare, that scientists had never tested in in a lab until recently. Wurtzite boron nitride is created during volcanic eruptions.
  9. Most Natural Diamonds Are Over 1 Billion Years Old
    • Many diamonds are even older than 1 billion years. When the Earth was forming 6 billion years ago, it was more of a fiery ball of a liquid magma than what it is today. Over the millennia, the Earth cooled, and volcanic eruptions pushed the diamonds from the Earth’s core up through the mantle to the surface.