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A Concise History of Miami Wedding Rings

Wedding bands miami, miami wedding bands, miami wedding ringsWedding bands aren’t just a promise between two lovers, they are a symbol of something greater. It is a symbol of love that has been used throughout history. Born out of this grand tradition are today’s fantastic Miami wedding rings. To get a better idea of what is out there today, we need to look at the loving history of wedding rings.

In the classical tradition, Roman poets such as Ovid wrote about rings being used as a token of love, given from a man to a woman. Sometimes during nuptials, the ring would be accompanied by a key as a demonstration of a woman’s access to the goods of a home. The tradition of putting the ring on our now called “ring finger” or the fourth finger on our hands come from this time period as well. One of the classic beliefs was that a vein from that finger ran directly to the heart, making that finger as close to your lover’s heart as possible. Think of that next time you don any Miami diamond rings. During this era, it was also more common and traditional to use iron rings instead of gold.

Researchers have uncovered many gold and silver bands believed for be wedding rings from 17th century England and France. Documents from the time period also show of Christian traditions where both women and men exchange the ring during the ceremony, although it would only be the woman who received the token. This differs from a Greek tradition where both an iron and gold ring were exchanged. Rings were made early on in silver and gold because they were considered spiritually and medically pure metals (think of the fact that gold does not rust and silver can have a bright white sheen, another symbol of purity). Another unique find during the Middle Ages was the discovery of rings with engravings, sometimes writings or figures of angels or Christ. While we may still put special sayings or engravings in a ring, you will rarely find figures.

While much of this holds similar truths for historical Jewish traditions, there is one difference. Often the rings were placed on the index fingers instead. Something you may wish to consider if you are having a Jewish ceremony. It’s a unique way to pay homage to a cultural past.

Right hand, left hand, whatever you choose, know that know you aren’t limited to plain bands. There are many styles, shapes, colors, some set with fantastic Miami diamonds, to pick from. Just remember that when you put that ring on your love’s finger, you are taking part in a grand tradition. May your love surpass time.

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Much of the information taken from “Rings For The Finger” by George Frederick Kunz and The Encyclopedia Britannica.