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All About Rubies

As the birthstone for the month of July, the Ruby is the most precious and coveted of all colored gemstones. Is it any wonder why? With deep shades ranging from bright to deep blood red, the ruby has been, for centuries, revered and adored for its unique coloration and perceived properties, making it one of the most valuable stones in the mineral world.

Rubies at H&H JewelsRuby: The Red Sapphire

One of the most surprising facts about the ruby is that it shares origins with another coveted precious stone. The ruby is the red coloration of the mineral corundum; When found in shades other than red, corundum is known as a sapphire. Although initially, the pink coloration was also considered a ruby, recent changes, mainly in the U.S., have determined that pink falls under the sapphire category, leaving rubies to be strictly red in color. Nevertheless, the International Colored Gemstone Association’s definition of a ruby includes the pink variation.

Rubies: Girl’s Other Best Friend?

The Ruby - Rare GemsGiven the fact that rubies are pretty much just sapphires drenched in red, you may be tempted to dismiss rubies. But this lady will not be denied, because It isn’t just the red hue of a ruby that makes this precious stone so special. Second only to a diamond in hardness, all rubies are unique in that they all have imperfections and naturally occurring inclusions that give them their fiery coloration.

Most Valuable: Burmese Ruby

Technicalities aside, red has long been associated with the ruby, making it a unique precious stone. The color is the primary factor in determining the value of any gemstone, and the ruby is no exception. The most coveted ruby is one known as a Burmese or Pigeon’s Blood ruby — it has a medium-deep red tone characteristic of the rubies found in Myanmar, one of the world’s main source regions for rubies. Although varying shades of rubies can be mined in many places in the world, including Sri Lanka, Greenland, Thailand and some parts of the U.S., it is in the area of Myanmar, where rubies are found with the most frequency.

Significance of the Ruby

For centuries, rubies have been revered by both warriors and royalty, as a representation of courage, integrity and devotion. As talismans of protection from dangers and a symbol of good health, they were used in armor for soldiers heading into battle, as well as in construction, laid beneath a building’s foundation to bring good fortune to it.

Despite its many representations, it remains a primary symbol of love, given often as gifts among lovers. It is an ideal gemstone for engagement rings and it’s used as the traditional gift for both 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Find Your Ruby Now at H&H Jewels

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