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Antique Rings

Buying antique rings is a form of art, some people may collect pictures and paintings, but antique rings can be equally as valuable. When searching for antique rings, many times we will search for rings that have been taken care of and are still in their existing state as they were many years ago. There is nothing more satisfying than turning an antique ring that was cherished many years ago into a shining masterpiece once again.

At H & H Jewels in Coconut Grove we have a fine collection of estate jewelry which includes a great selection of antique rings. Being an antique ring collector is a form of art in its own way; antique ring collectors know all of the famous designers and styles from the past. Just as pictures and paintings antique rings hold and increase their value as well, this is why collectors are always on the lookout for these valuable antique rings.

In our collection of estate jewelry our antique rings are some of the most popular items. In fact, a new popular trend is to give an antique ring as a wedding ring. However, this is more common when using an antique ring that has been used by your grandparents or previous members of the family. If our customers are interested in beginning an antique ring collection or have any questions on the value of our rings we would love to loan our expertise.

As exciting of a task finding that perfect antique ring may be, finding that perfect ring may be difficult. At H & H Jewels we will help find your ring and even notify you if something fitting your description is found. We welcome you to visit us in Coconut Grove today or call and see if we can help you find your antique ring. We look forward to hearing from you, at H & H Jewels.