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Baume & Mercier Watch Miami, FL

Baume & Mercier - SS Capeland XL 10084 BlackSince Baume & Mercier began in 1830, they have maintained the vision of creating the perfect watch. A watch can grab the attention of people and give you a certain persona. Baume & Mercier knows that, and has built all of their watches to attract attention and have full functionality for every sort of occasion. For this reason people can find their very own Baume & Mercier watch in Miami. We know how prestigious and legitimate these watches actually are and wanted to supply our customers with these quality timepieces.

In the beginning Baume & Mercier was one of the first watch shops to open in the Swiss Jura region in the village of Les Bois. The mayor of the company would become none other than Frères Baume who carried the reputation of making only high-quality traditional watches, which also included many technological breakthroughs. They quickly expanded through the British Empire and surrounding areas. By 1876, their watches were being sold in Philadelphia and would soon be recognized in the United States.

At H & H jewels we carry all major watch brands, and Baume & Mercier has easily filled the requirements of being one of the most well-known watch brands in the world. Baume & Mercier takes pride in its ability to make its mark on watchmaking while remaining to be in close touch with its customers. They know that these customers have helped make Baume & Mercier into the premier watch making company that it is today and look forward to serving them with new and innovative watch technology.

Knowing that you can find a Baume & Mercier watch in Miami at H & H Jewels is one step in the right direction to having your very own high quality, world renowned watch. We are sure that you will be satisfied with any of these watches because they are truly some of the best watches in the world. Just as Baume & Mercier had a vision of creating the perfect watch, H & H Jewels had a vision of creating and supplying the perfect jewelry to its customers. For more information about how you can purchase a Baume & Mercier watch in Miami, contact or join us at H & H Jewels today.

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