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Celebrities Sporting Chopard Jewelry at the Oscars

For over 25 years, H&H Jewels has been showcasing only the most exquisite and unique handcrafted jewelry South Florida has to offer. In addition to providing our own beautiful collections, we also carry jewelry from some of the most elite designers in the world.

Cate Blanchett JewelryIn today’s post, we will show you three of our favorite jewelry designers who have each had celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, and Kasey Musgrave sporting their hand-crafted jewels.

Known for having the finest luxury jewelry, Louis-Ulysse Chopard artfully combines the beauty of diamonds, gemstones and precious metals in his “high jewelry” line. Since 1963, Chopard has begun to dominate the world of jewelry and has been drawing the attention of celebrities and aficionados alike. As an authorized dealer, H&H Jewels proudly offers some of the most exquisite Chopard pieces around.

Kate Blanchette's Chopard EarringsCate Blanchett, Best Actress winner, wore these breathtaking drop earrings from Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection during the 2014 Academy Awards.

Chopard also carries their unique Happy Diamonds collection, which features free moving diamonds in various jewelry pieces. Chopard is recognized worldwide as one of the most elegant and timeless jewelry designers.

Penelope Cruz Wearing Chopard JewelryIn addition to Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz presented during the 2014 Acadamy Awards wearing these chandelier earrings by Chopard. Penelope’s earrings contain floral clusters of pear-shaped and brilliant cut diamonds.

In this photo, Matthew McConaughey can be seen sporting a Chopard timepiece. The elegant L.U.C XP Tonneau is 18K white gold with a 40 mm case. Chopard is a favorite amongst the Hollywood elite. Bradley Cooper also donned a Chopard timepiece for the Oscars. His choice was the L.U.C 1937 Classic. Chopard Tonneau Worn by Matthew McConaughey

Since 1963, Chopard has been a leader in luxury jewelry. Long before that, they were creating some of the finest Swiss timepieces in the world. Oftentimes their watch collections are overlooked, but it is clear that the glamorous world celebrities has not forgotten. When looking for a timeless brand that seems to never fade in it’s brilliance and elegance, consider Chopard.

Stop by H&H Jewels today to check out our timeless Chopard collection.

*H&H Jewels may not have all items in stock that are shown here

The Perfect Heirloom: Tips & Tricks for Estate Jewelry Buying

For many jewelry collectors, estate jewelry is one of the most coveted types. With a history that more than likely spans a lifetime, estate pieces are one-of-a-kind finds that you don’t want to pass up when you come across them, and they have the potential to go from being one family’s heirloom to another.

Estate Jewelry Buying: What to do

But for those of us who seldom come across or search for estate jewelry, the process of finding the right piece at the right price can be challenging. Never fear! Here are some tips to prepare you for the task of finding the ideal piece, whether you’re looking to add to your personal collection or you’re searching for the perfect brooch, ring or necklace for that special someone in your life.

  1. Do your research. Estate jewelry can be sold privately or through a variety of establishments. Finding a reputable source of estate jewelry is key to ensure that you will invest in a beautiful, genuine quality piece. Whether you need to know prices to expect, or the qualities of the particular type of gemstone or metal you’re looking for in estate jewelry, it all comes down to knowing what you’re looking for.
  2. Expect estate jewelry to be less than perfect. Estate jewelry doesn’t have to be shiny and perfect – in fact, be wary of pieces that look like new. Look for examples of “patina,” an industry term for the look that comes from wear and tear of estate jewelry. It should be evident in great estate pieces. If a piece looks cleaned up or a little too shiny, don’t be afraid to ask the seller if he had it restored or cleaned.
  3. Tips on Buying Estate Jewelry

  4. Ask questions. Although rare to know the complete story, the seller may know some details about the specific piece you’re interested in. This could include from the age/era, metals, stone information etc. of the piece itself, to a little background about its former owners. It’s somewhat important to trace the history of estate jewelry; not only is it a fascinating perk of buying vintage or antique pieces, but it gives you an idea of how much TLC the jewelry may need or what it may be worth.
  5. Look for jeweler marks. Much of the older jewelry out there, particularly jewelry made in the ’50s or earlier, bears the mark or signage of the jewelry maker. Sometimes it’s an icon, other times a number, other times still it’s merely initials. Search online for websites that will allow you to see what some of these marks look like, and when you find a piece you love, look for any marks. That will tell you a lot about the piece you’re interested in.
  6. Price is important. There’s nothing wrong with getting something for a bargain price, but when it comes to estate jewelry, you should always expect to pay what the piece is worth. Find out what specific pieces go for to get a general idea of what you should be paying, and if the price sounds too high or too low, that should be a red flag that something is not right.

H&H Jewels: Your Estate Jewelry Dealer

H&H Jewels, located in beautiful Coconut Grove, has one of the best estate jewelry collections in the area. Whether you’re looking for the next family heirloom or a special engagement ring, there is no doubt that H&H Jewels can help you find the ideal estate jewelry piece for you. We can also buy your estate jewelry. Check out our collection now at


Celebrity Jewelry News: Kimye Gets Engaged as Humphries Auctions Kardashian Ring

It’s official! Reality queen Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially engaged following the rapper’s surprise proposal on October 21st, 2013. The controversial couple celebrated their engagement after West surprised his lady by renting the AT & T Center in San Francisco for the night, getting a 50-piece orchestra to pay Kardashian’s favorite songs, and a bright Jumbotron message : “Please Marry Me!” A surprised Kardashian said yes as West got on his knees in front of family and friends, who were watching secretly from the sidelines.

Kim Kardashian Ring

Photo from

Flawless 15-Carat Stunner

But the one detail of the proposal that may be truly remarkable is the 15-carat, D-flawless, conflict-free cushion cut diamond stunner Kardashian is now sporting. Designed by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz in collaboration with Kanye West, who was apparently 100-percent involved in the creative process, the gorgeous ring is a simple but very unique piece that is as big as the two superstars.

Kimye Ring: The Details

  • According to reports, West wanted to give the mother of his baby girl a ring that was unique and rare, but that was also “not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.” To that end, the breathtaking diamond is D-flawless – the purest and most perfect color, clarity and cut – as well as conflict-free and Kimberly verified.
  • Following their engagement, West revealed in an interview with a local radio show in California that he worked with three different jewelers before settling on the beautiful ring, and made changes to the ring just hours before presenting it to his bride-to-be.
  • The ring, which achieves West’s desired appearance like it is floating in air, is reportedly worth $3 million, although many experts, including Adelaide Polk-Baumanare of Forevermark Diamond, estimating its cost as being closer to a whopping $7-8 million. Polk-Baumanare added, according to the New York Daily News, that a ring of this quality is “exceptionally rare.”

Kim’s Old Ring Sold at Auction

While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were celebrating their engagement, Kardashian ex Kris Humphries, who was famously married to the reality starlet for a mere 72 days, finally auctioned the $2-million engagement ring he proposed to her with at Christie’s and reportedly sold it for $749,000. The emerald-cut, 20.5-carat ring was also designed by Lorraine Schwartz, and was awarded back to Humphries as part of the couple’s divorce settlement.

Your Special Engagement Ring

Whatever public opinion says about Kim Kardashian’s love life, there is no arguing that she has definitely received her share of gorgeous diamond jewelry. Why shouldn’t you do the same for yourself or someone you adore? If you live in the South Florida area, look no further than H&H Jewels for the most gorgeous selection of fine, high-quality diamonds.

With the direction of world renowned jewelry designer H Bredemeier, H&H Jewels is ready to work with you to assist in the selection of the perfect piece for your beloved. Visit us now at today.


Winter Wedding Trends 2013: Engagement Rings

As the holidays bring together families, friends and loved ones, and couples search for the perfect way to declare their love and commitment to one another, it comes as no surprise that engagement rings in Miami —and everywhere else— become a hot commodity during this time of year. The key to finding the ring that truly suits your beloved is finding an engagement ring that showcases her personality while delivering a personality and style all on its own.

Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond RingTrends CAN Be Timeless

But engagement rings come in so many different styles and, just like many other forms of fashion, those styles come and go with the seasons. Still, a passing trend can result in a timeless piece of fine craftsmanship, especially in the case of engagement rings — because, ultimately, an engagement ring is all about the timeless representation of your love, a beautiful reminder of your most precious moments and a promise for so many more to come.

Five Trends to Follow

Have you decided to give your love the gift of eternal commitment? Are you having a difficult time finding that special piece that represents who she is or what kind of bride she will be? Is she traditional or trendy, classic or fashion forward? The good news is that this winter’s trends give you just plenty of choices sure to impress your lady love. Here are some of the hottest trends right now and what makes them so special.

  1. Horizontal stone setting. Proof that sometimes the biggest changes could be just half a turn away, horizontal stone settings in engagement rings have become one of the most interesting looks this season. Look for emerald, marquise and oval stones to sport this look.
  2. Floral details. Nothing says feminine like lovely flowers, and engagement rings are beginning to show us why. With gorgeous intricate detail and delicate settings in all sizes and colors, flowers are making a huge comeback in engagement rings this season.
  3. Cushion cut stones. One of the latest ring trends we’re seeing is the increased selection of the cushion cut diamonds as the principal setting in engagement rings. For instance, one of the most recent and most talked about celebrity engagements of the year —Kanye West and Kim Kardashian—included a gorgeous 15-carat cushion cut stone that looked as if it was “floating in the air.”
  4. Colored metals. Sure, colored gemstones always make for a unique statement, but in recent years, it’s all been set on white gold or platinum. Now, colored metals such as yellow and rose gold are making a comeback and they’re poised to become a hot trend in 2014. Rose gold in particular has become very popular due to the fact that it looks good against almost every skin tone.
  5. Art Deco styles. Think vintage. Think 1920s, Gatsby-chic rings that are all elegance and style. The Art Deco trend made its way into engagement ring trends a while ago, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement RingH & H Jewels: Trendy Engagement Rings in Miami

Miami weddings are beautiful, trendy affairs, and they all start with the engagement ring. This holiday season, give your beloved the gift of eternal love with an engagement ring that says it all. H & H Jewels is the place to find the most beautiful and stylish engagement rings in Miami. Learn more about Miami weddings, rings and so much more at H & H Jewels today!

Chopard Prominently Featured in Upcoming ‘Diana’ Film

Chopard featured in Diana MovieSwiss Jeweler Chopard Prominently Featured in ‘Diana’ Biopic

Chopard has long been synonymous with elegance, beauty and decadence. In recent years, the fine Swiss jewelry designer has made its mark particularly in cinema; An official sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival, Chopard jewelry has been used for films such as Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Midnight in Paris, and Nine. Now, Chopard is making cinematic history as it features unique and timeless pieces in the upcoming biopic Diana, starring British-Australian actress Naomi Watts as the iconic Princess of Wales.

Cinematic Royal Connection

Diana is based on the events of the two years leading up to the Princess’ tragic death in London. In order to tell the story of the Princess appropriately, it was essential that her magnificent style be recreated as accurately as possible. “I realised that I was going to need magnificent jewelry,” said Julian Day, costume designer of the film in an interview. “When the opportunity arose to work with Chopard, I knew this was going to be possible.”


Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard, was personally involved with every stylistic aspect of the project that Chopard was commissioned to assist with, and along with Day, they were able to create and select pieces that they felt strongly Princess Diana would have enjoyed. She recently told WorldTempus, “When I received the offer to work on the film Diana I was thrilled because, to me, she was a person blessed with extraordinary charisma and great elegance, both in her personality and her style.”


Diana’s Style, Re-Envisioned

As one of the finest jewelers in the world, Chopard was the clear choice to help bring back the legacy of the controversial but beautiful Princess of Wales. Among the pieces of jewelry created for the film are:

  • Princess Diana’s signature sapphire earrings. Each earring features a large oval sapphire set in diamonds; The earrings matched her exquisite sapphire engagement ring, a ring now worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
  • A triple-strand, 92-diamond necklace.
  • A stunning pear and cushion-cut diamond necklace.
  • A pair of delectable 18-carat white, yellow gold and diamond ear clips from the Happy Spirit Collection.
  • Beautiful Tahitian pearl and diamond dangle earrings.
  • A breathtaking diamond-encrusted watch with blue hands from Chopard’s Happy Diamonds collection.

Chopard White Gold Ring
In addition to the amazing pieces that were created for Diana, the final cut of the film includes the use of bags, other fine jewelry and accessories courtesy of Chopard. The prestigious jewelry house even makes a cameo appearance itself: In one scene, Diana is seen carrying shopping bags out of the Chopard London boutique.


As one of the world’s most respected fine jewelry makers, Chopard has a pristine reputation for delivering exquisite creations and sharing them with the world. Diana, the long-awaited biopic directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, is set for release nationwide on Sept. 5, 2013. In the meantime, visit H&H Jewels Chopard watch collection to view Chopard’s current selections, and to select your magnificent Chopard piece today.




Ulysse Nardin’s Jade

Ulysse Nardin’s Jade: A Magnificent Tribute

The culture and essence of premier watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has always been rooted in innovation, creativity and individuality. Once again Ulysse Nardin demonstrates its prowess as it announces the launch of its first “in-house designed and produced self-winding caliber” for ladies’ watches. The first piece in its new collection, like the ones in other collections, is spectacular and quintessentially unique.

Story Behind the CollectionJade Timepiece

Chai Schnyder, Chairwoman of the board at Ulysse Nardin, asked her husband Rolf, who was the President and CEO of the company at the time and who has since passed, to create a movement uniquely designed for women.

Chairwoman Schnyder felt that women would welcome a wristwatch that would allow them to make corrections without the risk of ruining their manicures when pulling the crown to make an adjustment. Eleven years later, her request has been granted in the form of the very first collection featuring the UN-310, the first in-house designed and created movement for women in Ulysse Nardin history.

Unique Design, Breathtaking Beauty

The epitome of excellence in design, the UN-310 uses a pusher at the 4 o’clock position that changes the function of the crown, making it possible to turn it forwards or backwards depending on the correction without the need for pulling. This simple concept has once again put Ulysse Nardin at the top, with a combination of functionality and beauty that transcends trends.

The collection opens with “Jade,” a timepiece so named for its delicate and revered beauty, similar to the precious gemstone. A watch unlike any other, the Jade features:

• A bezel of emeralds and diamonds in a snow setting, flanked by four jade horns and a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial, also containing diamonds.

• A caliber base, escapement wheels and Swiss anchor created in silicium, a material not affected by magnetism.

• Settings in white and rose gold with options of a satin bracelet or a leather bracelet with an 18-carat gold folding clasp.

Without a doubt, the Jade signifies a new direction for the Ulysse Nardin horology house and a new beginning for the female presence that has contributed over the years to the brand’s success.

Ulysse Nardin: Available at H&H Jewels

The beauty, decadence and style represented in Ulysse Nardin’s latest masterpiece is a nod to its loyal female clientele, and its gorgeous design is bound to become a classic of the Ulysse Nardin collection. H&H Jewels, your Miami jeweler for 25 years, is proud to be your Ulysse Nardin authorized dealer, and your liaison to masterful timepiece craftsmanship. Call us today at 305.442.9760 to learn more about the Ulysse Nardin collection, available at H&H Jewels.


Ulysse Nardin Manufacturer News

Jade Watch

Corum’s Golden Bridge Watch

Corum’s Golden Bridge: Facts About the Art Form

Brilliant. Magnificent. One of a kind. Few words in language can truly capture the essence of one of the most iconic timepieces in the world, Corum’s Golden Bridge. Created in 1977, by master Italian watchmaker Vincent Calabrese, the Golden Bridge movement is considered an historic addition to the world of watchmaking. It is known as much for its innovative mechanical fortitude as for its brilliance and incomparable beauty.

Masterpiece in Innovation

Today, Corum’s Golden Bridge movement is an iconic staple for fine watch connoisseurs all over the world. Originally a manual winding device. It is now available in an automatic winding design making its craftsmanship and functionality even more impressive. It has four sapphire crystal windows, one on each side, which allow full view from all perspectives of the uniquely intricate linear movement of the watch. Named after the mechanism that holds the movement together, making it appear as if it is suspended in mid-air, the Golden Bridge is truly a masterpiece to be admired.

Corum's Golden Bridge Timepiece

Little Known Facts

It goes without saying that, as a true work of art, the Golden Bridge movement’s allure is found as much in its production as it is in its construction. Here are some little known facts about this breathtaking piece of Swiss watchmaking.

  • The Golden Bridge movement contains 140 components in a space only up to 33 millimeters long. Each component is critical for the mechanical functioning of the timepiece, which makes the assembly process a long and highly detailed one.
  • It takes nine steps and an estimated 15 hours total to put together one timepiece. This includes the machining of the bridges and plates in 18-karat gold, decoration, hand engraving, pre-assembly, mounting of the bridges and movement assembly and testing.
  • The Golden Bridge movement is assembled from start to finish by one watchmaker. In the longstanding tradition of fine Swiss timepiece creation, the Golden Bridge movement is put together by one skilled and experience watchmaker from beginning to end. Only specially trained and skilled watchmakers are chosen to engage in this time-consuming, intricate process.
  • Production of this intricate timepiece is limited to 1,000 per year. Due to the detail and complexity involved in the production of this delicate work of art, production of the Golden Bridge is limited to 1,000 per year. To put this in perspective: If all persons who purchased a Porsche in December 2012 were to order a Golden Bridge watch today, it would take three years to fulfill all orders.
  • The newer version of the Golden Bridge movement is delicately fitted with anti-glare crystals infused in the see-through design, to adequately capture the light and showcase the timepiece’s most beautiful features.

H&H Jewels: Your Miami Golden Bridge Retailer

At H&H Jewels, we pride ourselves in delivering one-of-a-kind, innovative timepieces that reflect the beauty and brilliance of the art form. That is why we are Miami’s authorized Corum dealer and the place to find your magnificent Golden Bridge timepiece. We also have a wide selection of fine watches and jewels to suit your personality. Visit us online at today to learn more about our services.

Golden Bridge
Corum’s Round Golden Bridge
Corum Navigation
Corum Golden Bridge Automatic

All About Rubies

As the birthstone for the month of July, the Ruby is the most precious and coveted of all colored gemstones. Is it any wonder why? With deep shades ranging from bright to deep blood red, the ruby has been, for centuries, revered and adored for its unique coloration and perceived properties, making it one of the most valuable stones in the mineral world.

Rubies at H&H JewelsRuby: The Red Sapphire

One of the most surprising facts about the ruby is that it shares origins with another coveted precious stone. The ruby is the red coloration of the mineral corundum; When found in shades other than red, corundum is known as a sapphire. Although initially, the pink coloration was also considered a ruby, recent changes, mainly in the U.S., have determined that pink falls under the sapphire category, leaving rubies to be strictly red in color. Nevertheless, the International Colored Gemstone Association’s definition of a ruby includes the pink variation.

Rubies: Girl’s Other Best Friend?

The Ruby - Rare GemsGiven the fact that rubies are pretty much just sapphires drenched in red, you may be tempted to dismiss rubies. But this lady will not be denied, because It isn’t just the red hue of a ruby that makes this precious stone so special. Second only to a diamond in hardness, all rubies are unique in that they all have imperfections and naturally occurring inclusions that give them their fiery coloration.

Most Valuable: Burmese Ruby

Technicalities aside, red has long been associated with the ruby, making it a unique precious stone. The color is the primary factor in determining the value of any gemstone, and the ruby is no exception. The most coveted ruby is one known as a Burmese or Pigeon’s Blood ruby — it has a medium-deep red tone characteristic of the rubies found in Myanmar, one of the world’s main source regions for rubies. Although varying shades of rubies can be mined in many places in the world, including Sri Lanka, Greenland, Thailand and some parts of the U.S., it is in the area of Myanmar, where rubies are found with the most frequency.

Significance of the Ruby

For centuries, rubies have been revered by both warriors and royalty, as a representation of courage, integrity and devotion. As talismans of protection from dangers and a symbol of good health, they were used in armor for soldiers heading into battle, as well as in construction, laid beneath a building’s foundation to bring good fortune to it.

Despite its many representations, it remains a primary symbol of love, given often as gifts among lovers. It is an ideal gemstone for engagement rings and it’s used as the traditional gift for both 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Find Your Ruby Now at H&H Jewels

H&H Jewels, your premier Miami jewelry store, has a breathtaking selection of quality ruby gemstones to please the most discriminating connoisseur. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring fit for a queen, or a birthday bracelet that celebrates life, our professional and knowledgeable sales staff will help you find the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. To get in touch, use our contact page, or delve into our site to learn more about our services.


“The Night’s Watch” – A Game of Thrones Watch By Ulysse Nardin

HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones, has spawned a truly special watch from Swiss manufacturer Ulysse Nardin. The watch, aptly named, “The Night’s Watch”, is dark and masculine, sporting a nerdtastic Game of Thrones engraved band and caseback. Engraved on the band is “The Night’s Watch” and also the phrase “I am the Sword in the Darkness”. The Night’s Watch is an honorable order of soldiers whom guard all of the realms of men in the TV series based on George R. R. Martin’s highly acclaimed books. The phrase comes from the solemn oath that each night’s watchman takes upon his initiation to the order.

Game of Thrones Watch - Ulysse NardinThe watch is based on the existing Maxi Marine Diver Black Sea model currently offered by Ulysse Nardin, but presents a few unique features. The stainless steel watch case measures a hefty 45.8mm and has a crystal caseback that reveals the watch’s complex inner movements to the naked eye. “The Night’s Watch” also displays blood-red hour markers and a power reserve display that tells the wearer how much power remains. Its analogue timekeeping is powered by automatic movement. This means that the movement of the wearer’s arm spins a rotor that powers the watch.

The watch concept was inspired by the opening sequence of the HBO series. In the intro, an areal view of the kingdom is explored and cities are raised in mechanical complexity to show the intricate history and culture of the series and it’s characters. The mechanical scenes are clearly reminiscent of clockwork, and it was only a short jump to join the concept of the complex story line to the complex inner workings of a timepiece. Only 25 of these epic pieces were created, and $10,500 (a steal for a Ulysse Nardin) will make someone an owner of one of these rare watches. H&H Jewels of Coconut Grove now owns the 24th watch out of 25! Come visit our showroom to see firsthand the truly unique timepiece. Owning this timepiece will give someone a personal slice of the mystique and wonder of Game of Thrones.

The Rush For Jadeite

The demand for jadeite is rising fast. The rare gemstone is something of a mystery to collectors and purveyors, but what is certain is that it’s value is increasing. Auctions across the globe have seen estimates far exceeded. Many pieces were sold more than three or four times their appraised value. The reason that jadeite is so intriguing is that is has no measure of carats or system of rating. Only experienced gemologists with an eye for jadeite can truly even guess at the value of one of the green hued gemstones. In this way, the jadeite stone is a true collectors gem. The difficulty of appraisal means that an exquisite stone could slip through the cracks and be acquired for a modest price, before being truly discovered. These factors have buyers in China and Russia scooping up jadeite at record speed.
Green Jadeite Earrings
Natural hand carved jadeite earrings with black cushion cut diamonds Green Jadeite and emerald earrings grey jadeite and brown diamond earrings

Jadeite is appraised by looking at three factors; color, shade, and translucence. Determining the most desirable color is complex and confusing to untrained professionals. Jadeite comes in different colors, including, green, yellow, grey, black, white, lavender and red. The more intense the color, the more valuable the gem is. The translucence refers to to how “see-through” the stone is. If the stone is translucent, it is of higher value. Opaque, on the other hand, means that you cannot see through the stone.

H&H Jewels in Coconut Grove, Fl carries a few rare jadeite pieces that are truly breathtaking. Take a look at three of our jadeite earrings. If you think you may a jadeite gemstone, come to our store for an appraisal from our certified gemologists.

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