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Conflict Diamonds Are Not Forever

In the last decade the United States has begun creating federal laws to prevent conflict “blood” diamonds from entering the United States. These conflict diamonds are mined in war zones mostly in Africa including; Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Angolia. The profits of these diamonds are used to finance and continue the civil wars. However, with the effort of the United States and United nations, the number of conflict diamonds being purchased has decreased drastically.

In the African war zones where these diamonds are sold, it is full of genocide and awful civil wars. The exchange rates between the United States and these African countries translate into a huge number of military resources. With help from the United Nations, we have been able to prevent these conflict diamonds from being traded throughout the world.

In America, we have the largest consumer market for diamonds in the world. For this reason the United States had to take action and stop the importation of conflict diamonds. In 2001 President Clinton passed an executive order to prohibit the import of rough diamonds from Sierra Leone. In the following year, President Bush passed an executive order banning the import of rough diamonds from Liberia. President Bush also created a Clean Diamond Trade Act that stated all rough diamonds must be certified “free of conflict.”

Today with the efforts of the United States and United Nations, the number of conflict diamonds traded has dropped to less than 1%. By lowering the trade of conflict diamonds we may be reducing the number of deaths over these diamonds and aiding in ending a civil war. Requiring diamonds to have a paper trail in the United States is one great effort to end this madness.