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Conflict-Free Diamonds and Minerals

We’ve all heard about conflict diamonds, otherwise known as “blood” diamonds. They are called blood diamonds because they are sold to finance an armed conflict in developing or third world countries. The sale of these diamonds directly finances war efforts by insurgencies, warlords, and civil war and threatens to underminelegitimate governments. To combat the sale of these blood diamonds to the United States, an international effort was undertaken by the United Nations. This effort resulted in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Conflict Free MineralsThe process relies on forgery resistant certificates validated by the government in which each gem was mined. In addition, only countries that are part of the Kimberley Process may import the diamonds. For 10 years, this process has controversially been upheld in the international community. Now, for the first time, President Obama and the United States are holding conflict minerals to the same standard. This includes gold, casserite, coltan, wolframite and the ores used in the production of tin, tantalum and tungsten.

Conflict Minerals and Diamonds from the Congo. The main goal of the new rule is to avoid the distribution of diamonds and minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and it’s surrounding nations, where warring organizations raid local diamond mines and sell the minerals to fund their armed conflicts. There is currently an unknown amount of diamonds and minerals circulating the U.S. market. Now, 6,000 companies are required to comply with this new Consumer Protection Act. Companies are given at least a two year grace period to track down the location and origin of the materials they are using (four years for small companies).

H&H Jewels in Miami is happy to support any new rules encouraging the use of conflict free materials, and is of course compliant with all diamond, gem, and mineral laws. Companies that sell products that use these materials must report on their origins. Many large production firms are fighting these new rules passed down in the federal Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, but H&H, being a local mom & pop jewelry store, has no qualms. These laws not only apply to the jewelry industry, but also the tech and computing industries, and many others. Feel secure in knowing that you are purchasing conflict free diamonds, minerals, and gemstones from H&H Jewels. The quality and origins of diamonds, gold, and jewelry in Miami are never more reliable than at H&H Jewels.