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Corum’s Golden Bridge Watch

Corum’s Golden Bridge: Facts About the Art Form

Brilliant. Magnificent. One of a kind. Few words in language can truly capture the essence of one of the most iconic timepieces in the world, Corum’s Golden Bridge. Created in 1977, by master Italian watchmaker Vincent Calabrese, the Golden Bridge movement is considered an historic addition to the world of watchmaking. It is known as much for its innovative mechanical fortitude as for its brilliance and incomparable beauty.

Masterpiece in Innovation

Today, Corum’s Golden Bridge movement is an iconic staple for fine watch connoisseurs all over the world. Originally a manual winding device. It is now available in an automatic winding design making its craftsmanship and functionality even more impressive. It has four sapphire crystal windows, one on each side, which allow full view from all perspectives of the uniquely intricate linear movement of the watch. Named after the mechanism that holds the movement together, making it appear as if it is suspended in mid-air, the Golden Bridge is truly a masterpiece to be admired.

Corum's Golden Bridge Timepiece

Little Known Facts

It goes without saying that, as a true work of art, the Golden Bridge movement’s allure is found as much in its production as it is in its construction. Here are some little known facts about this breathtaking piece of Swiss watchmaking.

  • The Golden Bridge movement contains 140 components in a space only up to 33 millimeters long. Each component is critical for the mechanical functioning of the timepiece, which makes the assembly process a long and highly detailed one.
  • It takes nine steps and an estimated 15 hours total to put together one timepiece. This includes the machining of the bridges and plates in 18-karat gold, decoration, hand engraving, pre-assembly, mounting of the bridges and movement assembly and testing.
  • The Golden Bridge movement is assembled from start to finish by one watchmaker. In the longstanding tradition of fine Swiss timepiece creation, the Golden Bridge movement is put together by one skilled and experience watchmaker from beginning to end. Only specially trained and skilled watchmakers are chosen to engage in this time-consuming, intricate process.
  • Production of this intricate timepiece is limited to 1,000 per year. Due to the detail and complexity involved in the production of this delicate work of art, production of the Golden Bridge is limited to 1,000 per year. To put this in perspective: If all persons who purchased a Porsche in December 2012 were to order a Golden Bridge watch today, it would take three years to fulfill all orders.
  • The newer version of the Golden Bridge movement is delicately fitted with anti-glare crystals infused in the see-through design, to adequately capture the light and showcase the timepiece’s most beautiful features.

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