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What to Look for in a Premium Custom Jewelry Store in Miami

Here’s How to Spot Miami’s Most Exceptional Custom Jewelers

4.01ct-RBC-STEMPLES-365x365When having a piece of custom jewelry crafted especially for you, far from anything will do. Let’s be frank – the reason you want a custom piece made is because it’s straight from your dreams, plain and simple.

So when you’re looking for jewelry stores in Miami that offer custom pieces, your best option is to find an establishment that delivers nothing short of premium design and quality.

How do you find one? Here are a few things to look for.

3 Signs that a Custom Jewelry Store in Miami Delivers Premium Work


There are custom jewelry stores that open every day in Miami, and some of them provide great service. But for a piece that’s truly customized to perfection, your best option is to choose a store with decades of experience. Our educated gemologists and seasoned professionals are uniquely able to walk you through a process that has been perfected over time. The more pieces a custom jewelry store has created, the more they’re able to understand and meet your expectations, and provide the valuable advice that makes your piece as stunning in reality as it’s been in your dreams.

Artistic Vision

There are many jewelry designers who understand the basics of what they do, but to create a truly beautiful piece, you need an artisan with an authentic and proven sense of aesthetics. You can usually recognize this by the distinguished clientele that frequents a particular establishment.

At H&H, our custom pieces result from the vision of H Bredemeier, custom jeweler and store owner, and a world-renowned designer whom many high-profile celebrities, socialites and fashionistas choose when they want nothing short of premium handcrafted jewelry.

Quality and Value of Materials

Some custom jewelry stores in Miami will try to pass off low-grade materials on their customers. To ensure your custom piece holds its value and can appreciate over time, choose a jeweler that is known for offering access to the finest diamonds, gems, and rare metals on the market — with a proven track record and certificates of quality and authenticity to show for it.



Don’t Settle for Anything Less than the Finest Custom Jewelry Store in Miami

In the end, it’s simple. A truly exceptional custom jewelry store in Miami offers experience, vision, and the best materials. Anything less will fall short of your expectations.

At H&H Jewels we’ve been making custom jewelry since 1984, and to this day each of our custom pieces remain handmade and proprietary — making your dreams a reality, one unique design at a time.

For more about our custom jewelry, visit our Coconut Grove showroom, or call H&H Jewels at (305) 442-9760 today.