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Custom Jewelry & Engagement Rings

Renowned Miami, Fl Custom Jewelry Designer, H Bredemeier

All pieces are designed and handcrafted by world renowned designer, H Bredemeier. Whether it be an engagement ring, diamond ring, earrings, gemstone, necklace, pendant or wedding band, your jewelry fantasy will be satisfied. The creation of an exquisite H&H Jewels custom jewelry piece undergoes the following process:

  1. Design – With customer specifications, H and our experienced sales staff work together to imagine and sketch the perfect jewelry piece. Inspiration flows unchecked in these creative sessions.
  2. Wax Creation – In this second step of the jewelry design process, we bring the sketch to life by creating a wax replica of the intended piece. The customer can see the dimensions of the piece and will have a good idea of how it will look and feel when it is completed.
  3. Wax Casting – Once the wax creation is approved, the piece is casted in it’s perspective metal, i.e. 18kt, 14kt, plat, etc. Then, H will ensure that the casting is perfect in all crevices. Then, each prong is pulled individually.
  4. Stone Selection – Next, the pave stones are hand selected, and each is measured and graded. We use only GIA certified diamonds and the highest quality gems. Each stone in the piece will be a specifically chosen quality, color, size, and cut.
  5. Stone Setting – Each gemstone individually hand-set.
  6. Polishing – The piece is polished for a perfect finish.
  7. Final Inspection – H gives the final inspection and approval before being presented to the buyer.

Everyone deserves to have a piece of jewelry as unique and beautiful as they themselves are. If you are ready to take the first step towards securing your exclusive personal piece, please fill out the form below.


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