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H&H Jewels is an Authorized Dealer of John Hardy Jewelry in Miami, Fl

John Hardy is a unique jewelry and lifestyle accessories company that draws inspiration from Asian traditional techniques. Canadian designer and artist John Hardy founded the company in 1975 after visiting the Indonesian province of Bali. He immersed himself in Southeast Asian culture, learning the time-honored traditions of the royal Balinese goldsmiths. The company adopted many of the Southeast Asian principles, including spiritual harmony, green living and a healthy respect for the natural world. Many of John Hardy’s jewelry collections are inspired by the beautiful Indonesian landscape. Now, H&H Jewelry brings the inspired pieces of John Hardy to Miami!

John Hardy Jewelry

John Hardy jewelry is designed through the collaboration of artisans and jewelers in the brands compound in Bali. Not only does the brand draw inspiration from the original artisans of the region, but they also employ their descendants. Local Balinese craftsmen, artists and jewelers make up their current design team. John Hardy’s “Bamboo” collection embellishes sterling silver and 18k gold with exceptional stones. Each “Bamboo” purchase supports the “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative, which helps to restore Bali’s natural bamboo forests. Their “Classic Chain” collection is a wonder to behold. A John Hardy exclusive, this collection offers chains of unmatched quality, precision, weight and intricacy that exudes a timeless and powerful aura.

Not only does John Hardy carry artisan jewelry collection, but also handmade lifestyle accessories. What are lifestyle accessories, you ask? The “Lifestyle” collection includes glasses, plates, bowls, knives, forks, platters, pens, game sets and more. Consider John Hardy if your tastes are exotic and the natural world awes and inspires your style.