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H&H Jewels is an Authorized Dealer of Suzanne Kalan Jewelry in Miami, Fl

Suzanne has been in the jewelry design business for 25 years, and set up shop in beautiful Hollywood, California. Her jewelry collection displays a penchant for medieval and natural looking pieces. The “Antique” collection shows off a variety of colored gemstones in a very rustic, natural state. A very fine quartz and moganite growth called chalcedony is one of this collection’s favorite materials. Also featured are champagne colored gemstones and diamonds in stunningly beautiful earrings, pendants and rings. The “Diamond” collection features, you guessed it… diamonds! The collection is much more ornate than the “Antique” collection. Many of the pieces resemble crowns and majestic medieval gold presentations reminiscent of centuries long past.

Suzanne Kalan Jewelry

As a semi-well-kept-secret, the Suzanne Kalan jewelry line has not been debased in the arena of department store display windows. Outside of Hollywood, only true jewelry aficionados have discovered the wonders of Suzanne Kalan. However, celebrities are beginning to catch on. Be one of the first to show off the ancient, yet timeless beauty of Suzanne Kalan!