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Words of Advice on Finding Diamond Jewelry and Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Miami

How to Find the Right Diamond Jewelry or Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Miami


There’s nothing quite like a fine piece of diamond jewelry, is there? And that goes double for a set of diamond engagement rings – not only do they present value and beauty, but they hold a meaning that is priceless.

But not all diamond jewelry offers the same level of luxury. In fact, there might be nothing tackier than a bad diamond.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for diamond jewelry in Miami.

3 Considerations When Shopping for Custom Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry in Miami


  • Materials


There is nothing worse than a low quality, poorly cut diamond set in equally low quality metals. Be sure to buy your diamond jewelry ONLY through a Miami dealer that uses the best materials on the market – people will recognize the difference.


  • Selection


There are a lot of fantastic luxury designers out there who are creating beautiful diamond pieces, and a great jewelry store will offer a variety to choose from such as Chopard, John Hardy, and Furrer-Jacot, just to name a few. They’ll also offer an extensive selection of custom engagement rings created by in-house designers, along with a variety of rare estate pieces. In the end, the best selection makes it possible for you to find the best piece.


  • Color


Most people go straight to a traditional clear diamond when picking out jewelry, but what they haven’t considered is that not only can a colored diamond be equally beautiful, it can also lend a sense of unique aesthetics. Consider shopping at a dealer that is known for working with colored diamonds as well as clear.



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