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Miami’s Engagement Ring Destination

Finding the perfect engagement ring in a large city like Miami can be a daunting task. With so many options available, consumers can become disenchanted and overwhelmed by the process. Choosing the ideal ring for the woman you love should be as simple as knowing the woman herself, having access to the best jeweler and diamond selection in South Florida. H & H Jewels of Coconut Grove provides clients the expertise, collection, and customer service to make it the only choice for engagement rings in Miami.

Expertise: The associates at H & H Jewels are devoted to their craft, maintaining the highest industry standards of integrity and training. Our jewelers, under the guidance of award-winning designer H. H. Bredemeier, are world-class artisans who work with clients to design rings perfectly tailored to the style and tastes of the recipient. Additionally, H & H Jewels is affiliated with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s leading authority on diamonds and gemstones. Our associates are highly trained and certified appraisers, able to provide detailed information about the Four Cs of diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carats, reassuring customers about the quality of their purchase.

Collection: H & H Jewels has the largest collection of diamonds in South Florida, making it the best place to find the ring of your beloved’s dreams. Customers choose their stone from a vast assortment of diamonds, in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our collection contains different cuts to mirror recent trends or classical preferences, including asscher, emerald, brilliant round, and many more. This allows for virtually limitless design options to create a ring that is as unique as the woman who will wear it. Additionally, we carry rings from many of the world’s most sought-after designers, including Scott Kay and Hans D. Krieger.

Service: In addition to our expertise and extensive collection, the factor that sets H & H Jewels apart from other jewelry stores is our commitment to excellent customer service. The associates at H & H Jewels take pride in their work, which is shown in their dedication to customer satisfaction. We understand that you have many other options in Miami for engagement rings, and consider it an honor that you choose to bring your business to H & H Jewels. Allow us to help you find the perfect engagement ring for the woman you love, and you will not be disappointed.

When choosing an engagement ring Miami residents have many options, but no other jewelry store offers the expertise, extensive collection, and customer service available at H & H Jewels. Our associates will assist you in designing or finding the perfect engagement ring for the woman you love. Come in to our Coconut Grove location to explore our selection of beautiful diamonds, and begin the next chapter of your life with H & H Jewels.