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If You’re Looking to Sell, Trade, or Buy Diamond Jewelry in Miami We’re Your #1 Stop

Whether You Need a Diamond Buyer or Seller We’re Here For You


When it comes to finding a resource for either buying or selling diamonds, not just anyone will do. Diamonds vary in quality due to their purity and the way they were cut, and there are very few people in the jewelry industry who actually possess the expertise to recognize these variances. Lucky for us, we have those experts on our staff.

How H&H Jewelry in Miami Helps Both Diamond Buyers and Sellers


  • How we help sellers.


We’re positioned to provide diamond sellers with the best value for their pieces. Why? Two key reasons. First of all, our expert team is capable of accurately determining the quality of your diamonds. Second, we have an affluent clientele who is eager to find the best pieces on the market, and we’re able to pass those profits on to you.


  • How we help buyers.


We offer the largest selection of diamond jewelry in Miami, and we offer pieces of only the highest quality. Whatever the color, cut, or setting, you can browse our selection assured that you are looking at perfection.

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In the end, it’s simple – we’re your #1 resource for all things diamond related, whether you’re looking for a buyer or seller. So drop by our convenient Miami location today, and let us know how we can help you with your diamond needs.

Start the diamond appraisal process online, or call H&H Jewels at (305) 442-9760 today.