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Make the Best Sale: 3 Tips for Selling Diamond Jewelry in Miami

Sell Diamond Jewelry in Miami for the Best Rate Possible


Whether you have old pieces that you no longer want, you’re looking to trade for something new, or you simply want some extra cash, you’re here because you’re looking to sell diamond jewelry in Miami. But how do you get the most for your sale? Here are three things that will help you get the best rate.

3 Things that Will Help You Sell Diamond Jewelry in Miami for More

  • Research

Know what you have and what the current market rates are. That way you’re not just going into your sale blind.

  • Go through a quality buyer

Pawn shops are conveniently located everywhere, but they’re also notorious for offering dismally low rates. Go through a luxury jewelry store that pays luxury rates.

  • Prepare yourself

Sometimes selling diamond jewelry can be an emotional experience, and because of your history with the piece you inflate its value in your mind. Prepare yourself for the sale mentally by knowing that because you’re done your research and you’ve gone through a reputable buyer, you’ve done all you can to get a top dollar rate.



Visit Miami’s #1 Diamond Jewelry Buyer: H&H Jewels

At H&H Jewels, our expert appraisers are excited to help you determine the accurate value of your piece, and to deliver a rate that is reflective of both the quality of your jewelry and our reputation as Miami’s leading luxury jewelry resource.

Start the appraisal process online using our form, or call H&H Jewels at (305) 442-9760 today.