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Miami Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross has that aeronautic allure. There is something so intensely exciting about emulating a WWII fighter pilot. Taking to the skies, serving in honor. We find ourselves in a state of awe when we view images from this idealized past. Bell & Ross Miami has given us the opportunity to emulate this life with our feet on the ground.

Their vintage and aviation collections are reflections of a past that both men and women have a fascination with. Shows like Mad Men have seen tremendous success because of their emulation of this era, Miami Bell & Ross is of this same mold. Handsomely fashioned to replicate and imitate that mid-century feeling. Neutral color tones, clean lines, and a lack of superfluous show mid-century modern influences in their Vintage Collection, while internally they wind away to the most modern horologie.

While the Vintage Collection is made almost purely of perfect circles, the Aviation Collection is for the “squares”. But this distinction doesn’t completely separate itself from the vintage-style watches. The Aviation Collection available at Bell & Ross in Miami, reworks other vintage style accoutrement onto this watch, focusing itself on the fighter-jet dashboard look. There isn’t the need for embellishment, just richly constructed pieces that get to the point. Numerals and information is clearly contrasted with brighter tones against dark backgrounds. Simple lines are joined together in a revelry of geometry, but all these lines are formed from the finest materials like titanium cases and sapphire crystal. All of this is richly composited into one cohesive look, discerningly assembled with a perfect balance of look, theme, and mechanical marvel.

If a mid-century modern look is what you seek, the finest examples are the product of Bell and Ross. No need to look towards the skies, it’s all available in Miami at H&H Jewels.