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Miami’s Fine Timepiece Destination: H & H Jewels

No other accessory combines function and style as perfectly as the wristwatch. The timepiece someone wears -its design, quality, and level of sophistication- speaks to the individual’s personality and preferences. A fine timepiece indicates that you are a person who has earned the right to be taken seriously.

H & H Jewels is Miami’s fine timepiece headquarters, guaranteeing clients an outstanding selection of the most desirable luxury watches in the world. In addition to the opulence these wristwatches offer, they are characterized by unparalleled craftsmanship to ensure that they will stand the test of time. Our expert associates will help you discover the ideal timepiece to suit your needs. Here are some of the brands we showcase:

Bell & Ross specializes in fine timepieces designed to withstand intense conditions. The Swiss company maintains four design principles to guarantee peak performance: visibility, functionality, waterproof, and precision. These watches are chosen by astronauts, underwater divers, and extreme sportsmen to endure harsh environments.

Breitling is recognized for precision instrumentation and traditional Swiss styling. These beautiful timepieces have maintained the same standards of quality since the company was founded in 1882. Brietling is the ideal brand for people who favor understated refinement.

Chopard has been synonymous with combining classic workmanship and contemporary styling for over 150 years. They have revolutionized the use of diamonds in timepieces, creating diamond watches that range from classically stunning to extravagantly modern.

U-Boat may be a younger company, but it has made its mark in the realm of luxury watches. These timepieces are renowned for their unique styling. Italian designer Italo Fontana utilizes the traditional wristwatch elements of metal and leather, crafting them into something distinctly modern.

Ulysse Nardin has been creating exquisite mechanical watches since the company was founded by its namesake in 1846. This origin in marine timekeeping is evident in the styling of the Ulysse Nardin’s current collection, reflecting the traditional methods still used to craft elegant watches meant to last a lifetime.

In Miami fine timepieces are everywhere, but few jewelry stores can claim to have the knowledge, selection, and expertise available at H & H Jewels. We are affiliated with the American Watch Guild, an honor not bestowed on any other Miami watch store. Additionally, our watchmaker can handle any service or repair your timepiece requires throughout its tenure. Explore our diverse collection of elegant timepieces to find one that best suits your personality and preferences.