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Miami Pearl Necklaces

While searching around Miami for pearl necklaces we want to find a jeweler that can provide us with the highest quality pearls while also providing us with the greatest value. That is why at H & H Jewels we maintain a pearl necklace collection unlike any other in the area. Miami pearl necklaces are very interesting in that the process of creation is unlike any other items of jewelry.

Miami pearl necklaces from H & H Jewels are the pick of the litter, meaning that we only keep the best pearl necklaces in our showcase. When viewing our pearl collection you may notice that many of our pearl necklaces are matched with one of our famous diamonds. We believe that the combination of pearls and diamonds brings out the best in each other creating the gorgeous look that you see.

Most people know what a pearl is, but do not know how a pearl is created. A pearl is created when a foreign substance enters an oyster between the mantle and the shell, which irritates the mantle. An oyster reacts to this irritant by covering the foreign substance with layers of a nacre substance, which is also used to create the shell, and is the same substance that forms a pearl.

Now that you are informed on the creation of pearls it is time to visit H & H Jewels so we can help you find a pearl necklace that is right for you. We have a huge collection of pearls to choose from, some of which include diamonds, these pearls are hand-picked by our professionals and will be sure to draw attention. We look forward to your visit to H & H Jewels for all of your Miami pearl necklace and jewelry needs.