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Naturally Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Planning to pop the question this spring, or simply wishing you’d receive a beautiful engagement ring from your significant other? This season, consider a naturally colored diamond engagement ring. A yellow diamond ring, pink diamond ring, green diamond ring or a blue diamond ring makes an unforgettable gift of undying love. These spring colors represent a fresh beginning to a life together and embody the passion that you surely feel for your special someone. These colored diamond rings are often overlooked for the more traditional colorless diamonds. Don’t make the mistake of excluding a naturally colored diamond!

What is a naturally colored diamond, you ask? Well, diamonds are forged deep in the mantle of the earth over billions of years. Extremely high pressures and temperatures create the beloved gem. Minuscule differences in environment and chemical makeup create distinctly different diamonds. Some diamonds naturally absorb small amounts of nitrogen atoms, causing a yellow hue. These diamonds are called canary, blonde or yellow diamonds. Some are exposed to radiation while making their journey through the sea of liquid magma, creating a green hue. Each color has it’s own story. It’s own billion year trial. The endless possibilities create a plethora of different gem colors. This makes each color extremely rare, and is why we see naturally colored diamond engagement rings adorning the fingers of the rich and famous.

Come to H&H Jewels to see the array of stunning colored diamonds that we have to offer. Our professional certified gemologists will explain how each colored diamond’s GIA color scale rating affects the choice of band and mount material, and help you decide which hue is right for you! If you are more of a homebody, explore our diamond ring section and our natural color diamonds section of our website.