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Pre-Owned Luxury Watches: Choose a Seller with a Stellar Reputation

When Searching for Pre-Owned Luxury Watches Not Just Any Provider Will Do

watchesIf you’re reading this, then chances are you’re interested in pre-owned luxury watches. And you’re in luck — because you’ve found some reliable, local advice.

There are a lot of watch sellers around, but not all are created equal. Many are simply out to make a sale. But a quality watch seller provides you much more than that. Read on to learn how to spot a pre-owned luxury watch retailer that goes above and beyond for you.


3 Things to Look for in a Reputable Seller of Pre-Owned Luxury Watches


If the shop you’re visiting has a great selection of the most renowned brands in the industry, it means that they have a true eye for quality and value. It means they recognize and appreciate the many options that are on the market, and know how to decipher the best from the rest. It means they care about helping you find the perfect piece that will remain valuable and in style year after year, rather than dying off with some momentary trend. And you know this because they’ve invested in offering you a large, quality selection instead of simply talking about it.


Look for a seller with decades of experience. The watch industry is highly complex reflecting hundreds of years of innovation and transferred knowledge. The simple fact is that not just anyone understands the many mechanisms, movements and complications offered by different makers.

Consider the advanced chronograph, tourbillon and perpetual movements, for example. Those who understand these intricate timepieces, and can explain them to you in a way you’re comfortable with, are few and far between.


There are many watch sellers, but far fewer quality watch servicers. A luxury timepiece is an investment, and how you repair and service your investment impacts its value.

At H&H, we don’t just sell fine watches, we also repair them with top quality materials. The benefits of servicing pre-owned luxury watches at the same place where you purchased them include improving your ownership experience and your timepiece’s value. How? Because we make sure that your watch will keep ticking as long as you do — sometimes, even longer.



A Quality Seller of Pre-Owned Luxury Watches Truly Loves the Industry

You’re in the best hands when you find a retailer of pre-owned luxury watches that genuinely appreciates the field of fine watches. You won’t find that just anywhere.

At H&H Jewels, pre-owned luxury watches have been apart of our life for more than 30 years. We love what we do, and we’re committed to providing you with the best selection and service that you’ll find anywhere in Miami and South Florida.

Discover our selection of pre-owned luxury watches and the benefits of choosing highly experienced and passionate professionals. Call H&H Jewels at (305) 442-9760 today.