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Protect Your Jewelry in the Wake of High Profile Miami Jewelry Thefts

Downtown Miami Panoramic View
Miami has seen some incredible jewelry heists in recent days. Two high profile athletes were robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry in the past 30 days. Between the two of them, almost $1,000,000 worth of jewelry was lifted. These media mobbed stories remind the rest of us non-celebs to take care to protect and secure our precious jewelry items.

On March 23rd, Shaun Rogers, a 320 pound defensive tackle for the New York Giants, was staying at the Fountainebleau on Miami Beach when he and his friends partook in a night of partying at the hotel’s nightclub. After bringing back a young woman at 7am, the visiting Rogers fell asleep. When he awoke, his new friend had allegedly lifted his diamond earrings worth $100,000, two wristwatches worth a combined $160,000, a gold necklace and gold pendant worth $50,000, gold bracelets worth $60,000 and a Cuban diamond necklace with a gold pendant worth $70,000. All together, Rogers lost around $440,000 in jewelry. Rogers may want to choose his friends more carefully, as this is about half of what he will make in the 2013 season.

On April 3rd, Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat was celebrating his 29th birthday, when his house was ransacked of over $479,000 in jewelry, watches, purses and cash. Bosh and his wife left their children at home with two babysitters and another teenager, but the thieves were still able to accomplish their mission. The burglars, still uncaught, crept through the $12 million house unnoticed to get away with the goods.

Protect Your Jewelry

Fine jewelry and timepieces are often a target for criminals due to their monetary worth and easy ability to snatch and resell. Not only is jewelry valuable, but many pieces also hold sentimental significance. It is extremely important that when we purchase fine jewelry that we protect it and reduce the risk of theft. Here are four tips on how to protect your jewelry and watch investments.

  1. Insure your Jewelry – Many types of jewelry insurance are available. Some jewelry policies are offered as add-on’s to your home owner’s insurance. However, some of these policies have deductibles that only allow repayment of a specific amount if your jewelry is lost or stolen. On the other hand, there are specialized jewelry insurance companies that allow owners to insure high priced items individually. Look into the different plans to find the best protection for your jewelry or timepiece.
  2. Use a Safe – The chances that a cat burglar repels from the ceiling and uses a laser cutting device to crack your safe are quite slim. On the other hand, it is remarkably easy to open a jewelry box and simply stick your earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and timepieces into a bag and stroll out the door. Use a safe in your home to store your expensive jewelry pieces.
  3. Store When Traveling – Purchase a jewelry traveling case. Store your jewelry inside the case, and place the case inside of the hotel safe whenever possible. Thieves often prey on tourists and hotels, so beware! When in transit, keep your jewelry case on your person. Do not let it leave your sight. With the amount of lost luggage in airports, keeping your jewelry in checked luggage would be quite ill advised.
  4. Report – If you think your jewelry or watch is stolen or lost, report it! If you are at a hotel or a private establishment, let management know. If you have suspicions that something was stolen, report it to the police. The more heads in the game, the better the chances are that you get back your jewels.