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Rose Cut Diamond Miami, FL

While searching for a rose cut diamond in Miami, we can always count on H&H Jewels to provide us with our needs. At H&H Jewels we carefully analyze each of our rose cut diamonds and are able to explain how the rose cut diamond originated. We aim for the highest level of customer service and work hard every day to go above and beyond our customers expectations.

When we try to understand the rose cut diamond in Miami, we must understand where it first originated. The rose cut diamond was believed to have originated between the 16th and 18th centuries. The cut however seemed to lose its lust by the 20th century due to the change in the cut. Back in the 16th and 18th century the diamond was cut more to maximize carat weight, whereas now the technology has changed to bring out the sparkle and shine.

The rose cut diamonds name came about because it resembled a rose bud before it opened. The diamond consisted of a slight dome top with many facets, most of the time it was triangular with a point in the center. The facets were often in two rows with a completely flat base. At H&H Jewels we supply rose cut diamonds in Miami and would be happy to show them off to our customers.

Now that you are aware of our rose cut diamonds in Miami, we hope that you come and take a look at these stunning masterpieces. These diamonds have a lot of history behind them and are waiting for someone to try them on once again. Visit H&H Jewels today and travel back in time with our rose cut diamonds in Miami.