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Royal Jewels for Sale at Sotheby’s

beau sancy diamond


Intrigue. History. Royalty and all the makings of a Dan Brown novel, the four-century-old Beau Sancy Diamond is to be auctioned by Sotheby’s in May.

This pear-shaped rose cut 34.98 carat jewel has passed from one royal hand to another, starting with Lord Sancy, they purchased by the King of France Henry IV as a gift for his wife, Marie de Medici in 1610. Since then, that diamond has crossed through Europe and between kings and queens from France, England, Prussia and on. At one point in Prussia it was part of the crown. This fantastic jewel has one of the most fascinating provenances of any diamond around, having watched the rise and fall of empires, several wars, and evolving governments, it will be a treasure to own. If only for its amazing history, the Beau Sancy is expected to sell for upwards of four million dollars.

Marie de Medici coronation

The Beau Sancy was put into Marie de Medici's crown for her coronation.

Part of the “Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels” auction, the Beau Sancy is not the only historical piece that will be bid for thatday. Other items include the Prince Murat tiara, a fantastic Carier ruby, and various necklaces linked to other nobility. Although the main attraction will be the Beau Sancy, with an exciting line up for a supporting cast, this Sotheby’s auction is going to be exciting to watch.

Check out Sotheby’s for more information.

Prince Murat Tiara

Prince Murat Tiara commissioned in 1920

Beau Sancy Diamond

The Beau Sancy diamond is estimated to be auctioned at about $4million.