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Need to Sell or Trade Jewelry in Miami? Get Top Dollar at H&H Jewels

Get the Most for Your Jewelry at Our Coconut Grove Showroom


Many people have old jewelry lying around. Whether they bought it and never wore it, inherited it, or received it as a gift in a past relationship, these pieces could be sitting somewhere collecting dust.

In other cases, the piece isn’t old or collecting dust. Its owner is just ready to trade it for something newer.

Whatever the situation happens to be, if you’re looking to sell or trade fine jewelry, bring it to H&H Jewels in Miami. With over 30 years of experience in Miami, we’re always able to offer you top dollar for every piece you sell or trade.

Why H&H Jewels in Miami Offers Top Value When You Sell or Trade Jewelry

When you need to sell or trade jewelry you can always be sure that we’ll give you the best offer in Miami. Why? Two main reasons.

First of all, our expert appraisers recognize and appreciate the true value of your piece. We’ve been operating for more than 30 years, over the course of which we’ve become intimately familiar every variety of fine jewelry imaginable. During this time, we’ve also garnered a wide range of accreditations and certifications.

Second, our affluent clientele is always seeking rare and estate jewelry, and they’re often willing to pay top dollar for it. This means it makes sense for us to consistently offer you higher value than other stores are willing to.

Finally, our fantastic selection of new, estate, and custom jewelry makes us a fantastic trading opportunity. Simply put, if you’re looking to trade for something new, you’ll find something you love at H&H.


If You Want the Highest Sell or Trade Value in Miami, There’s Only One Option: H&H Jewels

The bottom line is that while you can sell or trade your jewelry to any jeweler in Miami, H&H Jewels is best positioned to offer you the highest value. Between our expert eye for quality and our very affluent customer-base, the fact is that we’re able to offer more.

Visit us today to sell or trade jewelry in Miami, or call H&H Jewels at (305) 442-9760.