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H&H Jewels Jewelry Appraisal

Appraisals – H&H Jewels has gemologists on staff, all certified by the American Gem Society, ready to inspect and appraise your gem, jewelry, or timepiece. Our professionals must complete a re-certification exam every year in order to keep their title as Certified Gemologist Appraisers. Bring in your piece to our showroom at H&H Jewels in Coconut Grove to reveal the hidden secrets of your gem or timepiece. Often, owners unknowingly possess one-of-a-kind, extraordinary pieces worth 10 times what they thought. A good Miami jewelry appraiser is hard to find, so don’t settle for a back alley guess from a less experienced appraiser. H&H Jewels has been a cornerstone of Coconut Grove for over 25 years and offers insurance and fair market value appraisals on all of your fine jewelry and timepieces.


Sell Your Jewelry – Along with an accurate, written appraisal, H&H Jewels is also the place to sell your jewelry in Miami. We offer cash on-the-spot, and will always give you a fair deal on your gems, jewelry, and fine timepieces. Our certified gemologist appraisers will give you specific reasons and explanations on why your piece is worth what it is. The big picture of your diamond, gemstone, or timepiece is not simply a fixed number. Our staff will help you understand the true worth of your piece and the current market trends that would affect its appraisal value. We are satisfied when you are!


Corporate Gifts – H&H Jewels would like to assist you in giving the perfect corporate gift, because there is no better way to thank employees than to give them the gift of a truly beautiful timepiece or jewel. Customers shouldn’t be overlooked either! The folks that helped your business get to where it is today should be rewarded handsomely. The gesture will not be forgotten; we promise!


Jewelry Repair at H&H Jewels in MiamiMaster Jewelry Repair – Diamonds may be forever, but settings, bezels, chains, bands, timepieces, prongs and shanks need to be repaired and sometimes replaced. Having a skilled jewelry repair shop like H&H Jewels gives you the confidence that your jewelry and timepieces will last forever. Jewelry repair investments will be repaid tenfold in the long run. Instead of having to completely replace worn jewelry, have the skilled craftsmen of H&H Jewels repair your worn jewels and fine watches. Less experienced repair specialists may not be able to handle the high quality gems, jewelry and timepieces with the necessary care.


Fine Timepiece Service – Our expert watch-maker is certified to handle all watch repairs, whether it is a simple battery with water resistance test, or a complete overhaul of the movement of your watch. All timepieces under warranty needing a repair will be sent to the appropriate warranty repair center. Timepieces not under warranty will be expertly analyzed and repaired by our in-house watch-maker.


Trade-In or Trade-Up - If you are the type of person that enjoys keeping their style new and fresh, then jewelry trades may be of interest to you. Simply purchasing new pieces over and over again may not be the most economical choice available. Use the value that you already possess to get the jewel or timepiece that you truly desire. What is old and stale to one person may be the perfect piece to another. H&H Jewels offers extremely fair trades, and guarantees that our customers will leave happy, and sporting an exciting new piece of jewelry!