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Jewelry, Diamonds and Gold Appraisals

How Much is it Worth?

When it comes to picking out a Miami jewelry and diamond appraiser, you need to be discriminating. Miami diamond appraisal services need to be very stringent, because jewelry appraisal in Miami is a complicated matter. This is not something just anybody can do, after all. You need to find a great jewelry appraiser in Miami. And if you want to expand into getting a fine timepiece appraisal, you need to find yourself a bona fide Miami fine timepiece appraiser to do it. This is why you need to get to H&H Jewels. When it comes to jewels, it isn’t just a part of the name- it’s a part of the entire ideology.

H&H does not just have people who have taken a class or two, or folks who watched a couple of training videos. They have trained, certified gemologists on staff. These are people who are able to look at a stone that might seem nearly identical to other stones to the untrained eye, and tell what makes them okay, good or even great. You might actually have a valuable and particularly well cut stone set into an average setting that just isn’t showing off its full luster, and sometimes the carriage makes the princess even lovelier.

Whether you are looking for a Miami jewelry appraiser for a diamond, fine timepiece or jewelry appraisal appraisal, H&H is the best possible place for you to satisfy your Miami jewelry appraisal needs. No matter what kind of jewelry you may be bringing in, H&H Jewels can help you identify what it is, how much it’s worth, and how you can best use it. Maybe you want to sell it, or maybe you want to have your existing stone put into a new setting. H&H’s trained experts can help you a lot with this.

H & H Jewels offers insurance and fair market value appraisals on all your fine jewelry and timepieces. Our trained gemologists provide you with a written evaluation of your items. An appointment is recommended to ensure immediate appraisals.