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Spring Jewelry Styles

Attention jewelry aficionados! Spring officially begins on March 20th, and along with the changing of the seasons comes the introduction of new trends and styles in the jewelry world. When the time changes this weekend, we will all know the new season is almost upon us, so prepare by gathering the latest styles and fashions from H&H Jewels.

  • Colored gemstones are one of the obvious hot commodities this season. Yellow, pink and green colored gems can grab the fresh spirit that coincides with the end of winter. Life, energy and a sense of renewal are captured by the lively hues of a pink diamond, a high quality emerald, or a yellow sapphire.
  • This year, emeralds, especially, have popped up on the red carpet quite often in the SAG Awards as well as the Oscars. Often this year, we have seen gorgeous clusters of emerald gemfields.
  • In addition, on runways throughout Europe, we have noticed the resurgence of bold, minimalist gold and silver jewelry.
  • One of the hot new styles of 2013 has been the inclusion of subtle teardrop earrings. Sometimes, less is more! However, remember, that is only sometimes