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H is the best Santa ever! My beautiful handmade cross is perfect...exactly what I wanted! Thank you...thank you

Leslie McKinney

Our family have been happy customers and fans of H & H for over 15 years and would never trust anyone else. H is one of a kind when it comes to creativity, quality and attention to detail.

Liz Fitzpatrick

Thank you so much for the gorgeous bracelet that you donated to the Plymouth Preschool spring fest. It was a huge hit as anticipated. Thank you for being such a great friend of Plymouth preschool and helping to keep Plymouth the magical place it is.

Reagan Pace

Thank you so much for your help and knowledge for my special day!! I'm so happy to have found that special ring for the most special occasion in my life and it's perfect as it was meant for me!!! It's beautiful and looks amazing. Thank you Juan, Paola and H! I'll pass by to show it and also get that bracelet I wanted.


Good afternoon, H -

I just got home from the lovely H&H reception and want to thank you for inviting me. It was a very nice event with great sales items, delicious food, and of course, champagne. The thank you gift I received is a black cord with coral, a sea shell and a leaf. I will wear it happily! I have followed your success over the years; congratulations!

Donna S.

H has been our jeweler for over 25 years. Even though we have moved to Portland, Oregon, we keep coming back to H. His work is beautiful and his staff is wonderful We have worked with him on everything from selling some of my mother's old jewelry to designing a special piece. For as long as HH Jewels is in business H will always have us as customers.

Jodie Kurstin Ostrovsky

I received the ring, and it is exquisite! Such a beautiful, delicate, gorgeous ring! I don’t know who did the ring, but if you give him/her my sincere gratitude. It would be much appreciated. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends, and will definitely be doing business with H&H again. Thanks for all the help, and the amazing ring!

Steve H.

Just wanted to let you know I opened the package and the earrings and necklace are beautiful ( I am wearing them). Please tell H thank you!


I gave Bianca the ring today and she absolutely LOVED IT!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it came out! Thank you for the excellent service!


Dear H,

Many Thanks for your kind attention. It’s always a pleasure to see everyone and my necklace is beautiful.

As always


Thank you for your excellent service, in this town that is a rarity. I think I will stop by your store and look around, perhaps I can find something else. Again, Thank you very much.


Dear H,

Thanks so much for letting Gaby use the earrings, they looked out of this planet and had many admirers! To a year full of success and happiness to you!