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The Breitling Emergency II – A Watch That Can Save Your Life

H&H Jewels is now accepting preorders for the new Breitling Emergency II watch. This innovative timepiece features a dual frequency emergency microtransmitter. When activated, it transmits two signals, one by way of a 121.5 MHz homing and rescue frequency, and another via a 406 MHz frequency intended for satellites. The Emergency II utilizes two manually deployed antennas, housed in the lower part of the watch to send its signal. Once the antennas are deployed, the transmitter automatically activates. To release the antennas, the wearer must simply unscrew the right antenna and pull of its cap before doing the same to the left antenna. Once activated, the beacon transmits for 24 hours.

Breitling Emergency II Watch

The Emergency II signals are picked up by a system of low altitude satellites and multiple ground receiving stations as well as control and coordination systems. The system is named The Cospas-Sarsat System, and has helped to save over 33,000 lives over the past 31 years. Harness the security of The Cospas-Sarsat System for yourself with the Breitling Emergency II.

The craftsmanship needed to fit a complex homing device into such a small area is indeed special. In addition to the transmitter, the Emergency II also sports a newly developed rechargeable internal battery. In collaboration with one of the leaders in revolutionary battery technology, Breitling shows off its new power-generator specially created for this beacon-watch. The result of these included technologies is a totally unique and exceptional timepiece. Priced under $19,000, the Breitling Emergency II is a luxury watch that could literally save your life! How many other watches (not in a James Bond film) can boast that?