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“The Night’s Watch” – A Game of Thrones Watch By Ulysse Nardin

HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones, has spawned a truly special watch from Swiss manufacturer Ulysse Nardin. The watch, aptly named, “The Night’s Watch”, is dark and masculine, sporting a nerdtastic Game of Thrones engraved band and caseback. Engraved on the band is “The Night’s Watch” and also the phrase “I am the Sword in the Darkness”. The Night’s Watch is an honorable order of soldiers whom guard all of the realms of men in the TV series based on George R. R. Martin’s highly acclaimed books. The phrase comes from the solemn oath that each night’s watchman takes upon his initiation to the order.

Game of Thrones Watch - Ulysse NardinThe watch is based on the existing Maxi Marine Diver Black Sea model currently offered by Ulysse Nardin, but presents a few unique features. The stainless steel watch case measures a hefty 45.8mm and has a crystal caseback that reveals the watch’s complex inner movements to the naked eye. “The Night’s Watch” also displays blood-red hour markers and a power reserve display that tells the wearer how much power remains. Its analogue timekeeping is powered by automatic movement. This means that the movement of the wearer’s arm spins a rotor that powers the watch.

The watch concept was inspired by the opening sequence of the HBO series. In the intro, an areal view of the kingdom is explored and cities are raised in mechanical complexity to show the intricate history and culture of the series and it’s characters. The mechanical scenes are clearly reminiscent of clockwork, and it was only a short jump to join the concept of the complex story line to the complex inner workings of a timepiece. Only 25 of these epic pieces were created, and $10,500 (a steal for a Ulysse Nardin) will make someone an owner of one of these rare watches. H&H Jewels of Coconut Grove now owns the 24th watch out of 25! Come visit our showroom to see firsthand the truly unique timepiece. Owning this timepiece will give someone a personal slice of the mystique and wonder of Game of Thrones.