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The Rush For Jadeite

The demand for jadeite is rising fast. The rare gemstone is something of a mystery to collectors and purveyors, but what is certain is that it’s value is increasing. Auctions across the globe have seen estimates far exceeded. Many pieces were sold more than three or four times their appraised value. The reason that jadeite is so intriguing is that is has no measure of carats or system of rating. Only experienced gemologists with an eye for jadeite can truly even guess at the value of one of the green hued gemstones. In this way, the jadeite stone is a true collectors gem. The difficulty of appraisal means that an exquisite stone could slip through the cracks and be acquired for a modest price, before being truly discovered. These factors have buyers in China and Russia scooping up jadeite at record speed.
Green Jadeite Earrings
Natural hand carved jadeite earrings with black cushion cut diamonds Green Jadeite and emerald earrings grey jadeite and brown diamond earrings

Jadeite is appraised by looking at three factors; color, shade, and translucence. Determining the most desirable color is complex and confusing to untrained professionals. Jadeite comes in different colors, including, green, yellow, grey, black, white, lavender and red. The more intense the color, the more valuable the gem is. The translucence refers to to how “see-through” the stone is. If the stone is translucent, it is of higher value. Opaque, on the other hand, means that you cannot see through the stone.

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