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Top 5 Celebrity Oversized Earrings

One of the unfortunate trends of the celebrity jewelry world is that of the oversized earrings. Bold earrings can be striking and elegant, however, the recent explosion in the gaudiness and sheer size of celebrity earrings is a bit much. Here are the top five most oversized celebrity earrings and five alternatives from H&H Jewels, your local Coconut Grove custom jewelry store!

Beyonce is considered one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. However, this didn’t stop her from hanging chandeliers from her earlobes.


Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi rocks a patchwork of dangling jewels and spikes that doubles as a weapon when performing a vigorous head shake.


Jessica Simpson shows off a burgandy colored feather monstrosity.


Rihanna performs neck strengthening exercises by wearing solid gold pool racks as earrings.


B-Lister Tamar Braxton flaunts gaudy black & white beaded earrings.

H&H Jewels Earrings

Though many of today’s celebrities are taking this fad to the extreme, there is still a happy medium. Matching these statement earrings with a cocktail dress will be a guaranteed eye-catcher. If you are a lover of large earrings that make a statement, consider these elegant alternatives from H&H Jewels…