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Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Watches – 2013

This year, Ulysse Nardin is pulling out all the stops when it comes to timepieces. Their newest masterpiece, Stranger, is a breathtaking creation inspired by musician, conceptual artist, industrialist, profession poker player and unofficial “most interesting man in the world” candidate, Dieter Meier. Developed by Ulysse Nardin expert, Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, the timepiece plays the 1966 Frank Sinatra classic “Strangers in the Night” either on-the-hour or on-call. An on-off pusher can turn on or off the musical mechanism. This amazing watch was revealed to the press on March 13th, and has kept the jewelry world abuzz ever since.

The watch is self-winding and utilizes silicium tehnology as the anchor and escapement of Ulysse Nardine’s signature UN-690 movement. If you were wondering, a self winding watch is one whose mainspring is wound by a built-in rotor that swings around its axis whenever the wearer naturally moves his or her arm. Therefore, natural movement of the wearers moving arm powers the timepiece. In addition, the crown function has been equipped with a pusher which allows wearers quickly and gracefully change the time without pulling it out. The music mechanism itself works much like a music box. A rotating disc spins against 10 stationary blades as the tuned teeth are plucked one at a time, creating the melody.

Ulysse Nardin WatchNot only is does this timepiece have the breathtaking musical function, but its aesthetics are also unparalleled. Set in a 45mm wide 18k rose gold case and covered by a sapphire crystal face, this nearly one-of-a-kind watch is simply gorgeous. Featuring roman numerals as well as only 99 pieces are being created for this limited edition timepiece. The owner of a Stranger will possess a masterpiece from the company that has brought collectors and aficionados the Santa Maria, the seven-figure Royal Tourbillion and the Freak Diavolo edition.

Ulysse Nardin Classico Serpent Watch


Ulysse Nardin is also releasing another limited edition timepiece. The Classico Serpent features a dial in champlevé enamel, an ancient technique that is used to cast images into the surface of metal objects. This timepiece features a serpent, which represents the 2013 on the Chinese calendar. The mystique and timeless nature of this watch is what sets it apart. Encased in 18k rose gold, this timepiece also features self winding movement and a 42-hour power reserve. Ulysse Nardin has only created 88 of these pieces, even more exclusive than the Stranger.

Last year, Ulysse Nardin acquired world renowned watch dial enameler, Donzé Cadrans. His expertise and skill is on display with the Classico Serpent. With incredibly sharp features and stunning metallic enamels, this timepiece is simply magnificent. These Ulysse Nardin timepieces and others are available through H&H Jewels.

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