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Ulysse Nardin’s Jade

Ulysse Nardin’s Jade: A Magnificent Tribute

The culture and essence of premier watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has always been rooted in innovation, creativity and individuality. Once again Ulysse Nardin demonstrates its prowess as it announces the launch of its first “in-house designed and produced self-winding caliber” for ladies’ watches. The first piece in its new collection, like the ones in other collections, is spectacular and quintessentially unique.

Story Behind the CollectionJade Timepiece

Chai Schnyder, Chairwoman of the board at Ulysse Nardin, asked her husband Rolf, who was the President and CEO of the company at the time and who has since passed, to create a movement uniquely designed for women.

Chairwoman Schnyder felt that women would welcome a wristwatch that would allow them to make corrections without the risk of ruining their manicures when pulling the crown to make an adjustment. Eleven years later, her request has been granted in the form of the very first collection featuring the UN-310, the first in-house designed and created movement for women in Ulysse Nardin history.

Unique Design, Breathtaking Beauty

The epitome of excellence in design, the UN-310 uses a pusher at the 4 o’clock position that changes the function of the crown, making it possible to turn it forwards or backwards depending on the correction without the need for pulling. This simple concept has once again put Ulysse Nardin at the top, with a combination of functionality and beauty that transcends trends.

The collection opens with “Jade,” a timepiece so named for its delicate and revered beauty, similar to the precious gemstone. A watch unlike any other, the Jade features:

• A bezel of emeralds and diamonds in a snow setting, flanked by four jade horns and a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial, also containing diamonds.

• A caliber base, escapement wheels and Swiss anchor created in silicium, a material not affected by magnetism.

• Settings in white and rose gold with options of a satin bracelet or a leather bracelet with an 18-carat gold folding clasp.

Without a doubt, the Jade signifies a new direction for the Ulysse Nardin horology house and a new beginning for the female presence that has contributed over the years to the brand’s success.

Ulysse Nardin: Available at H&H Jewels

The beauty, decadence and style represented in Ulysse Nardin’s latest masterpiece is a nod to its loyal female clientele, and its gorgeous design is bound to become a classic of the Ulysse Nardin collection. H&H Jewels, your Miami jeweler for 25 years, is proud to be your Ulysse Nardin authorized dealer, and your liaison to masterful timepiece craftsmanship. Call us today at 305.442.9760 to learn more about the Ulysse Nardin collection, available at H&H Jewels.


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