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H&H Jewels is an Authorized Dealer of Baume & Mercier Jewelry in Miami, Fl

The story of Baume & Mercier began in 1830, when Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume opened a watch shop in the Swiss Jura. The company quickly began growing its reputation by combining innovations into extraordinary watch models. The brothers had a simple motto “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”, this was the driving force of their rapid growth. By 1920, William Baume joined with Paul Mercier to create the company now known as Baume & Mercier.


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With the arrival of Paul Mercier, the company began to embrace change within the social environment. From supporting women’s emancipation it the 1920’s to creating the first shaped wristwatch. Each luxury timepiece is designed to be classic yet modern,as well elegant and timeless. The company finds its inspiration from the past yet applies a modern world touch to create a unique collection of timepieces. The watches created by Baume & Mercier have consistently won awards from various international exhibitions and uphold the tradition of fine Swiss watch-making, that always satisfies their customer.