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Authorized Dealer of Breitling for Bentley Watches in Miami, Fl

A sub-brand of the already prestigious Breitling brand, the Breitling for Bentley brand is made specifically to go along with Bentley car brand. The Breitling for Bentley brand was born out of the combination of great British car making and great Swiss watchmaking. Each are designed with an extreme concern for the small details, embodying the pursuit of perfection. In 2002 Brietling became the first watchmaker ever entrusted with the task of designing the on-board clock for a Bentley car.

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Each Breitling for Bentley watch is made with a powerful “engine” that brings it roaring to life. In 2003 as Bentley’s main sponsor for the Le Mans, Breitling celebrated the win by issuing the “Bentley Le Mans” limited series chronograph that soon sold out. This event is what brought the Breitling for Bentley to life, each brand recognized that the other was more than simply a timepiece or car. Each handmade Breitling for Bentley watch is a work of art that an artist has dedicated hours or even days to create.

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