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H&H Jewels is an Authorized Dealer of Breitling Jewelry in Miami, Fl

In 1884, Leon Breitling founded his Swiss workshop dedicated to the demanding field of chronographs and timers. Intentionally these timers were meant to be used for sports, science, and industry but by 1915 Breitling created the first independent chronograph push piece which signaled the new era of wrist chronographs. Breitling then found new opportunities in the field of aviation were the brand quickly earned the recognition of being the official supplier to aviation around the world.


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Made by Breitling,each luxury watch is chronometer-certified and has been through the ruthless standards of Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, which upholds the utmost standards of precision and reliability. The Breitling brand of watches stand at the peak of precision while maintaining a tasteful appearance. These are great pieces for anyone looking for a luxurious timepiece that does not compromise in terms of precision.
H&H Jewelry is an authorized dealer of Breitling watches. Visit the Breitling website to see their exquisite collection.