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H&H Jewels is an Authorized Dealer of TW Steel watches in Miami, Fl

In 2005, TW Steel start out in The Netherlands with a four-model collection which quickly turned into a brand with over 140 individual models. “The Watch in Steel” company specialized in over sized watches which has become an essential part of the company’s identity. Each TW Steel watch model is produced to meet the rigorous Swiss quality standard for timepieces. TW Steel offers a quality assured sense of individuality that makes a powerful statement.

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Ton Cobelens was the man who bore the idea of over sized watches with unique uses of stainless steel. Since the creation of TW Steel the brand has evolved into an international brand that is available in over 100 countries with CEO Jordy Cobelens at the helm. The strength of the design in combination with the look and feel of the TW Steel timepieces have ensured that they will provide unique appeal versus other established watch brands.

H&H Jewelry is an authorized dealer of TW Steel watches. Visit the TW Steel website to see their exquisite collection.