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H&H Jewels is an Authorized Dealer of U-Boat watches in Miami, Fl

The first U-Boat timepiece was created in 2000, when Italo Fontana discovered the precious watch designs of his grandfather Ilvo Fontana. These watches were first designed to meet the high quality standards of the Italian Navy, have very precise technical specifications, but above all they had to guarantee maximum visibility and reliability in any condition. Each U-Boat timepiece is handcrafted in Italy by expert Italian craftsmen, who are dedicated to the highest standard of perfection.

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Each high caliber U-Boat watch is a combination of utilitarian build quality, vintage flair, and modern innovation. U-Boat timepieces are long lasting and durable in any type of weather condition. Behind every luxury watch made by U-Boat there is a unique story of inspiration and style that drives the watch’s creation. U-Boat timepieces are a great choice for any person that travels to various regions with different climates.