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H&H Jewels is an Authorized Dealer of Victorinox watches in Miami, Fl

The story of Victorinox began in 1884, when Karl Elsner opened a cutlery workshop to create a sturdy and compact knife for soldiers in the Swiss army. However it was not just the product that launched the brand into an icon status, it was the stories of those who used the product in memorable or even dire moments. Victorinox has since branched into timepieces, travel gear, fragrances, and the fashion market. The Victornix products began to embody the spirit of invention, high functionality, iconic design, and absolute quality.

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Victorinox timepiece collections include the uncompromising “Dive Master 500″, the intuitive “Infantry”, the timeless “Chrono Classic”, as well as limited edition timepieces. The Victorinox timepiece collections pride themselves on their functionality and reliability in any situation. Today, Victorinox watches are seen as companions for life instead of simple timepieces, each timepiece is destined to carry a memorable story.