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Wear the Luxury of Unrivaled Swiss Excellence: Experience Tudor Watches at H&H Jewels

H&H Jewels Is Your #1 Resource for the Ever-Popular Timepieces from Tudor


There is nothing quite like the luxury of a fine timepiece, is there? In the modern world of digital-everything, a truly luxurious watch lends itself to a time of class and refinement.

Embracing these values is Tudor - a Swiss watchmaking company that is nothing short of renowned for fusing gorgeous aesthetics with horological advancement.

Tudor: One Hundred Years Crafting the Utmost Quality in Swiss Luxury

In 1926, Tudor was launched by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf with the intention of offering the world a line of timepieces that would deliver the refinement and dependability for which Rolex is famous, but at a more modest price.

Since then, the company has garnered universal acclaim for developing timepiece lines such as the stylish Oyster, the technically magnificent Chronograph, and the diver-inspired Submariner.

Over the years, one thing has remained unchanged: Tudor’s commitment to perfection.


Trending Now: The Aesthetic Perfection and Technological Precision of Tudor

Tudor timepieces have maintained their popularity as the years have gone by (in fact, for many years the Submariner was a preferred timepiece of the French and United States Navy), but they have enjoyed an explosion of popularity as of late. Visit H&H Jewels today to experience the precision craftsmanship of a Tudor timepiece for yourself, and discover why watch enthusiasts everywhere are so excited to wear this renowned brand.

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