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What They Would Wear

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What may be the best known comedy composed by the Bard, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, has enchanted and spellbound our hearts for centuries. Fantastical in every sense of the word, the themes of this play are ultimately human. Despite the magical aspect of the story, Shakespeare molded his plot around well-developed characters that were full of hope and ambition; characters who grow as the story develops before our eyes. Their personalities are distinct and we can’t help but laugh and cry with them. Ahead of their time, the women in Midsummer break down the predispositions of what a woman should be by maintaining their own opinions and individualities. So when it comes to the kind of jewelry they wore, one can only assume the pieces they decorated themselves with would complement their personalities.

Here are a few one-of-a-kind pieces from H&H Jewels that would have best fit the amazing women of this historical play.



I am spirit of no common rate- The summer still doth tend upon my state.”diamond necklace, Jewelry Miami, Diamonds Miami, Miami Diamond Jewelry

This Fairy Queen answered to no one, King Oberon included. Wise, beautiful, and occasionally stubborn, Titania glowed with a bright personality. Even as she falls for Bottom, she goes at it whole heartedly and with irresistible charm. Artists have attempted to put a face to Titania making her the subject of numerous paintings and works of art. Today, Titania’s presence is undeniable, and as such she would indulge in this outstanding diamond necklace with round brilliant cut center stone.


This piece is fitted for a queen. Enchanting patterns swoop and give this necklace an ethereal quality. The reflections of the diamonds create an aura to surround the neck of this fairy. Bold, beautiful, Titania would wear this with pride and allow the glow to enhance her majesty, never letting it outshine her.



With half that wish the wisher’s eyes be pressed!”Engagement Rings Miami, Diamond Rings Miami, Pink rings miami, HH Jewels

Loved by both Demetrius and Lysander, Hermia is much more than just a beautiful woman. She is a fiercely loyal friend to Helena and is deeply hurt by the accusation that she would ever betray her. Despite the danger, she plots to elope with Lysander, even though it could mean the death penalty for breaking her engagement with Demitrius. Throwing caution to the wind, Hermia follows her heart. She is kind, uncompromising, and a true friend. It is no wonder why she would be loved by so many.


Exemplifying true love, Helena would have an engagement ring that would never leave her. This lovely marquise diamond ring with pink diamond pave is just that ring. Those clean lines would delicately hug her finger, while the central 0.65 carat marquise glitters in the eye. Pink is the color of a heart that is pure and true, and here that purity surrounds the central diamond adding a dash of sweet femininity. Although it may look delicate, it has the strength of perfectly cut diamonds, just like Hermia. This is for a woman who stands by her convictions.




I’ll follow thee and make a heaven of hell, and die upon the hand I know so well.”sapphires Miami, blue sapphires miami, sapphire earrings miami, miami jewelry, HH Jewels

Perhaps at first Helena is insecure, but she may be one of the most compelling of characters. Out of the rest of the dramatis personne, she grows the most. And as we all begin a little shy, Helena transforms into the most competent of women. She is witty, has an unbridled passion, and a fiery personality. Her soul is lit up like a star, and while she loves heavily she is not one to give up. Shakespeare wrote her with some of the most exciting lines and while everyone else is subtle, Helena is expressive. Brilliant, comedic, by the end Helena has Demetrius’ heart, and ours.


Helena burns like a sapphire, so these deep blue earrings reflect that intensity. These stones are like an evening sky, when a blue palette engulfs the world and the end of the day is filled with that last burst of energy. They are encircled by white diamonds like a flower in bloom. These pieces would cool the her blushing cheek as she recites those lines which bleed from the heart. It is only with conviction and passion that Helena would wear them, letting them sit excitedly upon her ears.