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Zimbabwe Diamonds a Go?

The top certification system recently gave the ok for Zimbabwe to export its diamonds. There has been a two year dispute in the Kimberley process about whether or not to allow Zimbabwe to export its diamonds. However, this decision did not have the backing of many Western Countries except the backing of the World Diamond Council including the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

The World Diamond Council did agree to drop their objections if Zimbabwe can get verified by the Kimberley Process monitoring team. Over the years Zimbabwe was allowed to sell a small amount of diamonds even though the human rights issues were looming. While Zimbabwe is able to continue mining, the civil society will continue monitoring its mining activities.

With five companies having licenses in Marange, only three are allowed to mine diamonds. The three companies are Marange Resources, Mbada Diamonds, and Anjin. It has been noted that Anjin has stockpiled over two million carats of diamonds without being able to sell a single diamond. While this continues, the United States is working its way to a chair bid in the Kimberley Process in 2012.

Still, the diamond sales of Zimbabwe are under investigation, it is yet to be determined if these diamonds are actually blood diamonds or not. It seems that the process has been going on for two years and with the World Diamond Council backing off; maybe Zimbabwe is not involved with these so called blood diamonds. Whatever the case may be, in time we can expect to see a continuous watch and strict regulations on who is selling diamonds.